Current Life & Other News

Car windows down, radio up, sunglasses on, it's 70 degrees in Pittsburgh today and I am alive. Don’t you love days like these? You can feel a new energy deep inside you that utterly envelopes your whole being. A day like this is where creativity comes from, rebirth from death. A mysterious summer day smack in winter. Ok, so it will be in the thirties this weekend, for now I sing.

Last week was spent at an Aperture seminar on Long Island NY. The participants in the seminar had a crass effect on me. When it came time for the question/answer period no one had questions about photography, composition, or workflow. The questions were all based around holding on to copyrights and how to give the smallest possible image to the customer so they would not be able to pirate any images. When I quietly mention the use of creative commons and that I release the right to my clients, a large crowd gathered shouting “crucify him crucify him”. (True story) Once again I hold on to the mantra “the client should only pay once for the product”. This is the simplest example I can think of to explain how a digital image should be sold. Could you imagine if other businesses made us pay multiple times for the same product? Pizza shop owners could start selling us a pizzas and then after we get the pizza we still need to pay for each individual slice as we eat it.

My 5 Question Interview Series is starting to become a regular thing. Next on deck to be interviewed is Matthew Dallman of Polysemy magazine. Matthew is one cat in the blog-world that I would love to meet in person. The guy impresses the hell out me. Magazine, music, film scores, essay writer, blogger, this guy can produce. If a person was judged by what they upload vs. what they download Dallman would be king. The completed interview will hopefully be posted early next week.