Who Runs the World? + Response

I want to share a well written responses to my Who runs the world post.

Jono Cono said...
How very true! Nicely said and quite succinctly. How often it is that I wonder just how much of what happens in this World is perceived or otherwise correctly interpreted by it's inhabitants. People look but they don't see, listen but do not hear, touch and do not feel, speak but do not think. As you say the answer is simple but not easy and it lies within each one of us. We are the masters of decision our very existence demands it of us. Should we not also be masters of strategy? Are we not capable of mulling quickly through various consequences that could possibly unfold through the concatenation of events our decisions will lead us to? It all goes back to how people think and I have a bit of a nasty habit of saying "People just don't think" Obviously not quite a correct statement, more of an articulation of my frustration at times although I may be on to something!