Self-Vision Statement

- A self-vision statement and searching for that internal “click”.

There has been much dialogue in the blogsphere as of late on the topic of “The Secret” and other spirituality/motivational books/ideas. Nevertheless the question of what causes the internal click for some and not others has not been answered entirely for a number of readers.

Personally I have not read The Secret, Power of Now or even Law of Attraction although I have been a student of perennial philosophy, which a great deal of this is based on. I often wonder if those types of books transform the reader’s life, if the text is a starting point or an ending point. I also speculate how the work is translated by the individual.

Late last night the subject of a self-vision statement was brought to my attention; I liked the idea. It could be as simple as a daily word (mantra) or a sentence of the week or a letter to yourself. The only goal is to put something out there (you get to pick the “out” & the “there”). Optimistically, the practice of a self-vision statement can be the “click” we are all searching for… even Oprah.