5 Question Interview Series with Bill Deasy

Last year, I attended my first book reading by author/singer/songwriter Bill Deasy. This year, I asked Bill to take part in my “5 Question Interview Series”. Congratulations to Bill for Ransom Seaborn being nominated for a 2006 Needle Award. Click here to get the whole scoop. The winner will be announced March 7th. To learn more about Bill Deasy click here & here.

How did writing a book that you knew would be read so closely by your music audience compare with writing music?

I didn’t really think about an audience as I wrote “Ransom.” I just wanted to see if I could do it, write a novel, I mean. In general, I get the same rush writing fiction that I get writing songs -- it just takes longer stretches of concentration.

Your life seems to be a journey that is totally expressed by your words either in song or in your novel: Do we know the real you or do you keep a private life that is not told to your readers/listeners?

I’m really not sure. I think there is definitely a big chunk of me revealed in my songs, but doubt I’m quite as tortured or sad or sensitive as my lyrics might indicate. At least I hope I’m not!

What inspires you? How do you stay motivated?

I think I’m inspired by my love of the process. Feeling an inspiration, allowing it to grow and become something, working it into a form that moves me then sharing it with others and hoping it moves them, feeling it when they connect with it. That process is kind of addictive.

Will you give us a little info on your next/current project? (2nd novel? New CD?)

Just finished a draft of a second novel called “Traveling Clothes” and I’m inching toward a new CD. I have a bunch of songs written but don’t quite know how they all fit together yet.

Why Pittsburgh, PA? What keeps you based in Pittsburgh? Why have you not moved to Nashville or LA?

I LOVE PITTSBURGH!!! I love the rivers and the gray skies and all the little neighborhoods and the people. And I’m willing to travel so I go to all those cities on a regular basis but live here. It helps me to keep from burning out and to keep my priorities in line.