Who Runs the World?

Who runs the world…CEO’s, Congresspersons or Citizens? Daily I read about companies that will cut corners to make a profit that cheapens the quality of the product we purchase. Additionally, corporations manufacture products that are harmful to the environment and/or the killing of animals (inhumanely). Concurrently we will hear about a Congress that will blindly, (not to our knowing) pass a bill that promotes such actions legislating corporations to take the unethical, although legal, path. We as citizens do what? Buy the product on the shelf because it is inexpensive.

Global warming, climate change, hybrid cars, recycling, farm factories, sweatshops, the mysteries of what is actual organic products, ethical treatment of animals, oil companies; how is a citizen to make a change? The answer is simple but not easy. We must consult nature first. The earth will not lose. The earth will heal herself. Climate change is apart of our global history long before man was on the planet. Citizens can only affect change now, government will follow the masses if the masses stand up, corporations will follow the dollar if we as citizens spend our money ethically.