Un-Winter of Winter

Today is the end of the un-winter, winter in Pittsburgh; it is actually snowing outside. This typically would not be much of a thought to write about however this winter Pittsburgh has been experiencing 60degree-plus weather conditions. The non-occurrence of winter has been a little depressing, not Prozac depressing but blue, out of tempo depressing. People who live in the Northeast are conditioned internally and externally to go through the change of the seasons. Autumn without the shifting of leaves, spring without the blooming of flowers, summer without blistering heat, winter without the blanketing snow, we look forward to communal events of winter. The heightened emotions that go along with winter, gazing out the window, hot chocolate, warmth of a fireplace, are all enhanced when it is snowing outside.

Build a snowman, drive safe, and say a prayer of thank you for this season of life.