Therapy in Music

This is written by Pontify a new friend from Zaadz. I had to share this, it is poetic, true, and a gift to the reader. Enjoy!

There is a therapy in music that somehow is connected to me within my essence, the part where matter stops. I can’t describe it but I know that not many people understand or share it. I don't understand it. I come home every night, sit down with a guitar and close my eyes.....I'll strum something, sometimes just a single string... I focus in on its resonance and as the sound dissipates, so does the world and my troubles, the weight I carry. Then,
like a black hole.......suddenly there is nothingness. O' the purity of this nothingness. Absolutely nothing but me and the still humming note in my mind telling me that, if nothing else, music resides in my soul.