Contemplative Writing

A meditative raw, rambling phrase, some may say it’s a contemplative writing.

-Composition is my passion; art is anything that is taught through repetition and where nature is always performing for us. Nature is our teacher and life is the repetition.

In reading I enjoy when the main character is on a journey, an expedition that even the writer does not know where the character may go. Call it self-reflective or self-denial; however my passage through this life is a mystery. In times of global warming, mortgage payments, parenting and thankfulness for all the blessings, I get lost in the requiem. I find myself taking comfort in the writer’s process and hopefully the story unfolding will guide my narrative as well.

What is comparable in blogging, music and photography is that I do not know where the completed project will land. Optimistically, my creative process may be a gateway of light for others to follow. From my past readings I remember this passage, (not sure of the whom or the what, so please forgive me) “The killing of the shadow or the ego as some call it is a noble deed, but the giving up on enlightenment to service others is the only deed”.

Sitting down to write this I do not think that my ego is dead or that I have passed on enlightenment to serve others. My ego is not big enough for me to say that I killed it, and if enlightenment came-a-knocking I am out the door. Nevertheless I like the thought progression of a life of service to others.