This Moment a Year in Review: 2006

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Favorite Book Moment: (drum roll please) The Practice of the Wild by Gary Snyder.
Coming in an ever so close in second place is, Zen of Creativity by John Daido Lorri. This book would have been number one any other year. Deep bows to both Gary Snyder and John Daido Lorri, you both made this year so much more expressive in my own personal compositional skill.

Favorite Music Moment: Bach cello suites (I can not get enough of this music)

Favorite Sounds Moment: baby cooing & a fireplace crackling

Favorite Sight Moment: See this: 6:30 am in Pitsburgh, who would of thought?

Favorite Mood Moment: Happy-feeling good; sing with me “Sometimes I feel like dancing, I got dance the night away”

Favorite Temperature Moment: All of them, just glad to be able to feel the air.

Favorite Thoughts Moment: A seed has all the knowledge it needs to become a tree: it only needs time to grow. I am no better than a tree, I am as great as a tree: