Renaissance Man

Renaissance man, Polymaths, and a student of integral theory: Am I a dreamer, not dedicated to a single idea, non-conformist with a thirst for exploration? I pride myself in self-discipline, constant student, the belief that the composition process is always a work in process. Do I deserve the title of Renaissance man? Would a true Renaissance man even consider this notion?

My passions are my family, my faith, my camera, my guitar, my meditation/yoga practice, my local library, my walks through the forest, my dog, my diet, my writing this blog. For my expectations I would love to learn a foreign language, to learn the language so well that I would no longer call it foreign. To travel the globe with my wife, to trek to the seven summits of the planet, to enjoy the culture of the not so non-foreign language that I speak so well. Thus, the question I ask myself, am I a renaissance man, perhaps the last of a dying bread?