Do Less Under a Roof

At some point in my reading today I came across two separate phrases that resonated quite well with me. Not certain of the how or whom or where these quotes originated, I do apologize to the writers for not representing the source of their writing. With that being affirmed, I felt that they were reflective of yesterday's post on Nature and Composition.

"Do less under a roof", "How to be more by being less"-- 'sensational'
I thought, while jotting the words down on the note pad next to my computer. "Do less under a roof". Nature calls me to write, photograph, and contemplate, thus I often sought to sit outside deep in the wilderness and write about what my senses are experiencing. Lacking self-confidence, with a scared ego of being caught or simply lacking the ability to write anything of meaning I never gave the opportunity to myself. "How to be more by being less". Composition, strip your practice down to the basic groundwork. At this moment of writing I stare across my desk and look at a book on Photography Basics. This is it, my goal is not total attainment, but less is more: striking the perfect relationship between the two.