Indian food on my plate, a beautiful woman sitting across the table from me and I am eavesdropping over the conversation next to me:
"$85.00 dollars an hour US currency or $15.00 dollars an hour if you have the work completed in India." "India, done deal" the American answers. Outsourcing right in front of my eyes, actually right next to my ears. "Why not?" I think to myself. Then again, "Why?" I think to myself. In a world when business can be digitized, completed and then re-digitized back; why does it matter where the work is being processed? If I was hired by an overseas client to process Photoshop or work on prints I would happily jump at the opportunity, or better yet the income.

Creativity, service, and having the ability to digitize a product is the new economics. Is this "sink or swim" outlook for the working class that does not embrace this approach? Yes, I fearfully answer (barring skills labor & teaching industries). The office parks have replaced the factories in America. As our Fathers were able to get a job at the local factory, we today can get a job at the local office park. The office park can be placed anywhere on the globe where there is an internet connection. Why not place them at the best economical viable place?

Thankfully outsourcing can be embraced by both sides for a small business man. Having the ability to send work overseas and have it completed in 24 hrs or less and also having the opportunity to receive new clients from overseas is a win-win to me. Furthermore the bulk of my readership from this blog is generated from overseas reader. To my fellow American readers I say catch up and spread the word, and to my overseas readers I say thank you and how the hell did you find me anyway?