Multicultural City

Standing in line to pay for my lunch today I realized how much Pittsburgh is turning into a multicultural city. The person standing in front of me was speaking Spanish and the person behind me was speaking Chinese. Neither person seemed to know or speak any English: just enough to pay for their lunch. Communication skills are important but if you're able to get around and be a part of your local community then more power to you. Pittsburgh has forever been known to be a melting pot with its diverse cultural districts and love for different ethnic regions. Traditionally the city has been a city of past generations, not a city of new immigration workers. The grand and the great grandparents are the off-the-boat-crowd coming to start a new life. Separating into different parts of the city to create Little Italy, Polish Hill, the Russian District and numerous other cultural parts of town.

I am personally excited to see a new and fresh blend of race, cultures, arts, food, religions, history, and traditions come to my city that has been my hometown all of my life. Having the opportunity to raise my daughter in a mixed and open culture is one of the most important things to my wife and me. (Along with an organic diet ? as much as possible)

Traveling has been a great way to educate myself in all types of different aspects in my life. Especially in photography and music, being able to root myself in the landscape and heritage of the origin of the art is a majestic experience. Unfortunately traveling is not always an affordable occurrence to be had. When a city becomes multicultural, what a better way to have the traditions of the world come to you.