Medicated Meditation & Truths

For the past 12 days I have not touched a camera, guitar nor have I barley touch this keyboard. As for the camera and guitar part it’s has been a 20 plus year quandary that a hiatus has been taken as such. My days have been filled with long meditation practice, PBS documentaries, a couple of different novels that I have been meaning to get to (some good, some not so good) vicadin and steroids (and, no not the get buff kind)

The following is a list of what I learned through this experience:
1) There is no there. I went there and check, there was nobody there. Don’t even think of looking there. (There - is the pursuit of perfection, so there)
2) Talent is liquid trouble.
3) To be happy with the light is when you have touched somebody eye.
4) A great photograph is when you walk away from the viewing of the print and the image haunts your peripheral vision.

There it is 12 day of highly medicated/meditation truths. Peace 2 u….