Humanity of the Dreadfully Understandable

-We know that we get in each others way (daily) be it talking on the cell phone while driving, smoking in a public place without regard for others, loud conversations in a place reserved for quiet, cutting somebody off in traffic or whatever it may be. The Zen tradition names this Mara--the one who gets in the way of your path. The Christian tradition has transcribed the word Mare in the Bible to mean the Devil.

- This brings new meaning to the phrase "the Devil inside". The Devil is not an "I", but a "we". We all get in the way of somebody at sometime all the time, without any devilish intention (the majority of us at least...). This brings me to the point of this post: The humanity of the dreadfully understandable: Collectively people believe in being good natured towards others. Collectively we can see or judge that societies are bad and that individuals are good. You can be a person of faith or a terrorist all depending on what piece of land you stand on. The motivation is what to do with the knowledge that we are given. No two people think alike or agree upon the same things, this is good in the accumulation because this is where creativity, life comes from.

-Can we understand that we are the collective Mara that gets in the way of others no matter how dreadfull that sounds? Giving with out expectations, random act of kindness, service, grace and belief is our daily spiritual union with God.