Free-Form Stylization

Composition, design, dialog, rhythm, and subtle placement of the right structure at the right time--this is what I am drawn to. The idea and the ideal of getting lost in the structure and form of someone’s thought process is transformative to my emotions. The medium of choice does not matter to me, I do not prefer books to painting or music to photography, but the functioning design of the composition balance is what brings me back to the artist time and time again.


I sit staring at the blank page hoping to write as the Beats did many generations ago. Not sure why I find myself repeatedly attracted to these types of authors? Zen lit, hiking and journal writing have found a place in my heart. These guys; over educated bums, smoking pot, drinking red wine and reciting poetry all while never having to hold a job and still managing to get through life without getting kick in jail, committing suicide or giving in to complete abandonment of everyday life ethics.


“Absolute expression of daily existence” – “What?” As I look up from my comfortable chair at the library. Dreadlocks, piercings, Birkenstocks and a white girl with an attitude stood in front of me. “What?” I say again knowing that she would repeat her original cadence. “Absolute expression of daily existence. Answer me”. Ok your Daddy never held you. “ You’re holding ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra.’” “Oh now I see, you have grown up in a middle class culdesack community, I gotta change the world even though I am wearing the worlds most expensive hippie sandals purchased at my local mall, redemption blues. Sorry, I am more of a Thoreau type of guy. Take yourself to the woods and figure it out yourself.” She cried and then kicked me and walked away. Lesson learned, Nietzsche in a public place can hurt.