5 Question Interview Series with ~C4Chaos

I blog today because I read ~C4Chaos yesterday. About three years ago I was doing a Google seach for Ken Wilber and a blog link popped up referencing posts about KW written by the blogger previously know as coolmel. From that day on I started my day off with coffee and reading ~C4Chaos. Then from his daily hyperlinking to other bloggers, today I read about 10 to 30 different bloggers religiously. Serendipitously today I get to post an interview with my personal catalyses for blogging.

1)Your life seems to be a journey that is totally expressed by blogging: Do we know the real you or do you keep a private life that is not told to your readers?

you can never know the “real” me. i even have a hard time knowing my real self. but getting the philosophical side of things out of the way, yes i prefer to keep a private life. hence the stupid monicker :)

2)The social entrepreneurship direction that you have been moving your blogging/life towards has struck a strong chord with me. Can you outline some small steps that we can all take in our daily lives to move more into a social entrepreneurial direction?

good question. to be honest, i'm still working on it. i'm still on the first step. i just got recently introduce to the concept of social entrepreneurship myself. the primary reason i blogged about it is to make a personal affirmation. i do that a lot on my blog. if i want to do something, i blog it first. that clarifies my intention and sets me up on a serendipitious quest.my first step would be to find out more information about this subject to know the people who are out there engaged in this thing. so i created a zBooks book shelf on the topic of Social Enterprise. i also started zPod:SSE so i can collectively learn with others and attract people who are already deep into Social Entrepreneurship. my goal would be to understand how social entereprenuers out there think and act in the “real world.”the next step would be to discover my own place(s) in social enterprise domain. i think i've already found one of those places since i already work for Zaadz :)

3)What is the longest you went without hyper-linking in the last 3yrs?

LOL. i can't remember. probably the same longest time i was offline.

4)Your photography at Flickr is quit vast in style, from fun to silly to documentation to the subtle awareness of the small things around you. (Which are my personal favorites) Can you express how you compose a photograph? What does photography bring to your life?

man, i don't know. sometimes i have a theme on my mind before i take a shot, but most of the time i don't have any idea where i'll use those photos. i simply get attracted to colors and things. then i enjoy tweaking them later using Photoshop. then later on when a blogging opportunity comes, i love to associate photos i took previously with my blogs. that's another way of working with serendipity i guess. a good photo organizing software is a must for my habit. and Flickr fits the bill perfectly. and here's my favorite photographic equation: Photographer + Camera + Subject = Photograph.

5)What is next for ~C4Chaos? You work for Zaadz, you get to cross post on Kew Wilber.com. A Goggle search under ~C4Chaos brings up 158,000 links. What is the next stage of your hyper-linking development? Any coming attractions in your life you wish to share?

what's next? no idea. blogging for KenWilber.com? didn't see that coming until a couple of weeks before they released the site. working for Zaadz? didn't see that coming until i blogged my heart out and poured my energy onto Zaadz. and that 158,000 links? don't get fooled, that's probably me linking to my own stuff :)but as far as my hyper-linking development is concerned, probably the next development would be to bring over that hyperlinking thing offline. meaning, real connections on meatspace as well. Zaadz and my personal blog would be my means for accomplishing these things. and that's another one of my affirmations ;)

thanks for asking!~C (for Carpe diem!)