5 Question Interview Series with Desiree` Annetoinette

Desiree' Annetoinette is an Eco-clothing designing momma, poetry writing, professional model, out-to-change-the-world-one-positive-moment-at-time type of girl. I was introduced to her through a serendipitous poem that she sent out to her Zaadz friends. From that poem on I have become a fan and supporter of Desiree’s work and purpose. Enjoy the interview and be sure to check out all the links, especially edgeware.biz

1) Can poetry change the world?
Anything and Anybody can change the world if they desire it enough!

2) How do you know when a poem is finished? (Read her poetry here & here)
Poetry is never finished… it is a constant work in progress as far as I'm concerned. (already edited “I climbed a mountain this morning” three times in two days! :-)

3) How do you use creativity in your life? How do you include it in your day to day work? Does your work feel like playing?
Creativity ooozes from my pores… I have no choice! My soul have been blessed with such passion so I have to express it or I die inside. Being thus, it encompasses every part of every day for me. My whole life feels like I'm playing… and I wouldn't want it ANY OTHER WAY! ;-)

4) Can you expand about Edgewear.biz (i.e. what a current day is like & future goals for the business?)
Well, today I'm cutting down about 400 pounds of material for the second round of the Fall/Winter line (no… not in one day?!! :-P) and as soon as I leave here to take my son to his doctor's appointment I will be sitting in the lobby-waiting for him-and finishing an article to submit to parenting magazines about a recycling project. It really depends on what day you catch me as too what I'm doing! :-P Future goals? To be the founder and major activist of the recycled material fashion industry. Just a little goal! :-)

5) On your Zaadz photo page you have some excellent photo's especially those eyes pix's and Diva pix's are you also a professional model? Can you expand upon what you thinks make a great photography?
I have been a professional model since junior high and worked with major guilds/agents for years prior to having my son. I LOVE the camera, always have… and think the best thing about ANYTHING in life (photography/modeling included) is that you have to see ALL ANGLES of it… so if your a photographer try being a model or makeup artist. If your a model be a MUA or photographer… and if you've never worked in a social industry (restaurants, retail, selling, etc.) get your butt out there and DO IT! You will NEVER appreciate compassion for another unless you open yourself up to THEIR EXPERIENCE!I hope this helps! Let me know if I can give you any more!Hugs from Beautiful Boulder!-Desiree' Annetoinette