When humans know themselves, the rest of nature is right there” – Gary Snyder

Acceptance of what I prefer: - no longer will I question myself on what I prefer in life. Too often I felt corner by the culture I chosen to be influenced by; often questioning myself is this my own voice tell/asking me or is it the influence of the preverbal thought provoking philosophy I indulge myself in?

I prefer a vegetarian diet, though I am thankful for what is served to me. I choose composition as my art, not photography, writing or guitar but the constant growth of self, cultural and nature is what I call my art, my composition. Although, I am humble by the fact that I can support my family through photography and music. I call my self a Christian but feel furthermore integral towards deepening my faith. I enjoy the mindfulness of the Buddhist and the beatitudes of Jesus and accept as true that I would be comfortable in any house of worship. Bach cello suite is by far my favorite piece of music. Playing a nylon classical guitar is what I prefer to all the technologies of current music/instruments. Henry David Thoreau, Gary Snyder, Ken Wilber, Thich Nhat Hanh, Nietzsche and Mother Teresa have influence, inspired me habitually though there lives, works, books and legacies. Yoga and meditation is my preferred daily practice for balance of body, mind and spirit. A walk in the woods with my dog has been my utmost education in life.

Today I take comfort of who I am; I am the collective, collaborative knowledge of all the past inspiration, knowledge and family that has developed the person that I am. I take comfort that I am a individual of self drive: growth in body mind and soul is the motivation that I prefer.