1-2-3 of Photography

Moving beyond my photography concepts while being rooted in my photography practice is transformational to my composition skills. Transformation is my only destiny as a working artist if I want to cultivate and expand my skills.

Today I am thinking about photography from a 1st – 2nd - 3rd person perspective and trying to map together how this would develop my compositional skills. My definition of 1st person would be the “I” (photographer), 2nd person would be the “subject” (you, you are) and 3rd person would be the “completed work” (photograph hanging on a wall) no longer belonging to me.

Developing the “I” (1st person) Photographer - could include recommended things such as technical knowledge, visualization and personal awareness? Developing the “2nd person” Subject – could include understanding the combined style, moral and culture of my subject? “3rd person” Completed Work – could include objectivity, organization, economics and overall collective view.