Service and Kindness

Lately, I have been making new friends though this blog and Zaadz site: Serendipity of what I need to learn and what I have to offer combining into different dialogs. I have started relationships with people in Thailand, Edinburgh, Lothians, Austria, Denver Co, Chicago Il, New Mexico…(you get the point; any PC with a right click equals communications). I had conversations with novelist, musician, magazine publisher, self –employed bloggers; I have met people who want to change the world. The only goal of the dialogs is to share perspective, reinterpretation, and perennial philosophy of the ages. I could not believe that these people who produce such high end works would take the time to talk to me….then I realized that-THAT is EXACLTY WHY they are so successful – they are dedicated to service and kindness of others.

What private service can I publicly bring to the world? Art can serve: there is old proverb that says. “In time of war send the musician in first.”