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Your socks don’t like you!

We all know that the only proof of a mysterious universe cosmic power that controls the all in all is the disappearance of a single sock. Truly, has to be one of the only experiences that we all share (that is if you live in a country where you are lucky enough to have socks). Ok let’s run through the life of a sock, “The narrative”; it is laundry day in any town USA and two sock are stripped off of your stinky feet (they are all sticky feet & no I am not talking about someone else; this is directed right at you). The socks go into (a pair) the wash first to be drowned in the soak mode then they get to swim through the soap filled general wash and then violently to the rinse cycle for them. Some have speculated that a single sock can vibrate to the next level during the rinse cycle but this has been highly discredited by many debunkers.

Next, onto the dryer – the place were any cotton product can be killed (lint is Purgatory). The dryer is the place that most of us collectively agree is the magical portal to sock freedom. Einstein's Theory of Relativity, Wave Theory and quantum physics and string theory have all been ruled out by CERN (CERN is no way affiliated to this writing/blog, they asked I said no) The only conclusion that can be made is your socks don’t like you! Yes you- the person reading this…do I have to explain this again that I am not talking to someone else – I am talking to you…the one with stinky feet.

Why? Maybe they want to be in a sock puppet show or simply be golf club covers, it has been rumored that they like to become wristbands. Know this: Your socks don’t like you! Your socks do not want to run in pairs…