Late night

Saturday night 1a.m. & I can not sleep – Why? Quotes of Norman Mailer run through my head. C-Span2 (book TV) had a dialogue about his new book co-authored with his son: The Big Empty: Dialogues on Politics, Sex, God, Boxing, Morality, Myth, Poker and Bad Conscience in America.

Ok – Fair enough: I do watch c-span book TV & I like it: Don’t judge me :) ok, I am sorry for raising my voice; come here & give me a hug. Wow that felt good.

Let me share/paraphrase some of my favorite insomnia-attic saying;
*We all have our greed’s
*Fundamentalists are terrorized by there own sins
*Democracy is not an injection

Not sure if I will read the book? (But) If you ever get the chance to listen to Norman Mailer talk, I highly recommenced you do.