Invitation To Grow

I want to share a secret with you.  Two years ago I hit bottom and there was no rehab for my type of crash.

At that time I was currently living with a chronic disease for a little over 5 yrs (as of now I am the starting my 8th yr.) and in that time I told no one accept for family and a few close friends. This disease was limiting my ability to see in my right eye (legally blind), limiting my ability to walk and on really bad days I found it difficult to breathe.  Beyond all that it was limiting my ability to be a human being. I felt myself to be more of a burden than that of a father, husband and business owner; all the things that I want to be.

I kept this a secret. Why? Fear. Fear of my business going under.  A photographer with a legally blind eye and bad legs is not that marketable of a skill.

The choice was either live life as a barely functioning zombie or find a path out of the dark. 

Current day: I am running in 10k races, 1/2 marathons, biking, started film school, had my first photography exhibit and booked a second exhibit. The business is going great and everybody knows my secret.

How did I get here?

Neal Griebling…. Let me introduce you to this man.

By trade and profession he is a “career coach” and a very good one at that.  Those words fall short to do his work justice, I feel.  I think of him as the tribe elder leading with words of “wisdom through skills” that guide you to “your” place of peace.

For two years I have been having conversations with him and today I want to share him with you.

Please take this opportunity to go to his website (HERE) and read about him.

This is an invitation to grow into the life that you choose to have. Give him a phone call or send him an e-mail.

Take charge of your life….

Contact info:
PH# 412-480-3045